#1: Meet the Club and Manager – A Belgian in Corsica

The Club: FC Bastia-Borgo

FC Bastia Borgo is a club that was founded in the year 2017, and came to life after a merge between CA Bastia and FC Borgo.  The club started in the 4th division of French football. And in the 18/19 season they gained promotion to the Championnat National. With 3 other ´big`teams in Corsica the first aim of the club is to be the biggest in Corsica, and than conquer the whole of France.

Why did I choose this team to start with? In FM17 I had a game with FC Villefranche, and now the time is right to return to France. I’m not going to put in rules for myself in this save. Maybe they will come in the future. But for now everything is possible.

The Manager: Andrea Andreotti

The team of the main save is announced, now it’s time to announce the manager who will try to guide this team to glory. Andrea Andreotti is a Belgian with Italian roots. He was born in Quévy  a little town in the French speaking part of Belgium.

He started his footballing career at RA Quévy Mons a team in the 5th division in Belgium. At the age of 16 he moved to RAAL La Louviere. He went on to become the club captain, and won the Champions League, and multiple Belgian cups and championships.

He ended his career as a player at the age of 32. He felt that a younger generation was taking gigantic steps forward. And he wanted to stop at his top, instead of stretching his playing career to long. During his playing career it was clear to him that he wanted to become a manager, so he already started with some coaching courses. He didn’t need to wait a long for his first job in management. Just a few days after he announced that he would hang up his boots, FC Bastia-Borgo approached him to become the new manager. So now it’s time for him to start a new adventure as manager of FC Bastia Borgo.

Note: Andrea Andreotti is a regen from my long lasting FM20 save with RAAL La Louviere.


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