#2 – The Squad, Transfers & Pre-Season

Meet the squad

Before Andrea could start his life at the club, he needed to know what players he will have in the squad this season. The first few days after he was hired, he looked at videos of all the players in the club. After meeting with every player one on one, he decedid on what players will have a spot in his squad, and in what areas the team needed some fresh blood.

After meeting with everybody and watching all the videos, it was clear to Andrea that this squad was better than he expected. Almost every position was taking by somebody who is capable to play in the 3rd division of France. The only thing missing in the squad is a right full back. As one of the objectives the board has put that he needs to work within the wage budget. At the moment the wage bill is a little bit above the limit. Because of this, the loans of Barbet and Umbdenstock will be terminated at the earliest opportunity. Diarrassouba is played on the transferlist because he isn’t in the plans of the new manager.

Transfer business

So after the loans of Barbet and Umbdenstock were terminated, and Diarrassouba was of the wage bill, there was room to get in a few free transfers in. The first players to come in were the two right full backs. N’Gakouto will be the first choice right back from now on, and Mbon comes in as his back up. After these two signings every position in the squad was taking, so now it was just a matter, of making the squad a little bigger, and jump in when there was a big opportunity on the market. Mujangi Bia was one of these opportunities. The Belgian winger will come in as a attacking left midfielder. Pereira will come in as a attacking midfielder. Raoul will be the back up striker, and Mary comes in as an extra back up in the center of the defense.

With the transfer business done Andrea has finished building his first squad of his management career. The aim of the board is to fight bravely against relegation, but Andrea feels that with this squad he can aim higher than just fighting against relegation.

Pre season

At the start of his management career Andrea has made the choice to organise 4 friendly games. Only one of these 4 games will be against an higher ranked team. At the end of pre season Andrea wa a happy man, FCBB won it’s 4 games and they look ready for the start of the competition.

So after all of the transfer business, and after the pre season, it was time for the media to do a season preview of the Championnat National. So as you can see the media and the analists don’t expect big things from Andrea and his boys. It’s up to them now to suprise them all.


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